January Songs – Darren Hayman

Darren Hayman is writing and recording a song every day for January 2011. They will only be free to download as high quality MP3s for a short period whilst all digital formats can be bought from http://darrenhayman.bandcamp.com

Here’s what he’s had to say about the project –

“It’s an experiment to see what will happen to my creativity. Being a musician is essentially an easy job and even though I consider I work hard I wanted to see what would occur when I imposed a strict discipline on my songwriting.

“I’m not expecting every song to be good or successful but I am expecting the imposed time restrictions to lead me somewhere unlikely and exciting. I have decided to release the songs for free because I also didn’t want any commercial considerations to spoil the party”.

“I’m also tired of trying to work out how to make money from music. New fan funding sites have broken my heart with what they have persuaded musicians to sell. I thought I’d give it away and see what happens”.

“I’m expecting to have the time of my life. I get to do my favourite thing every day all day”.

“I’ve got a lot of my friends to help me out; The Wave Pictures, Terry Edwards, Allo Darlin’, The Voluntary Butler Scheme and Ballboy as well as total strangers and musicians across the globe in virtual link ups. Trumpets, harps, saws, synthesizers, saxophones and Spanish Flamenco bands are all due to appear”.

“As well as writing the songs I will draw, write and film throughout the days. Pages of my journal will be scanned and appear at http://januarysongs.tumblr.com alongside mini movies and the actual songs”.

You can listen to the first song, “It Was Over”, below.

He’ll be playing with his full band, The Secondary Modern, this Thursday at The Lexington alongside The Wave Pictures and The Leaf Library. I’ll be DJing so come down and hear that day’s song. Tickets can be bought at We Got Tickets.

Hayman will also appear on Resonance FM on Tuesday 11th January and playing live at The Hangover Lounge on Sunday 30th January.