Scared To Dance hits East London for the first time on Saturday 8th September! We’ll be at the Moustache Bar in Hackney and we’ve got a later license too.

Unpop are our guest DJs on the night. Adam Neil, Kieran Curran and Amy Baggott have been running Unpop in Edinburgh for indiepop lovers for three years now. They’ve put on gigs for The Just Joans, DJed at Indietracks and in Glasgow, as well playing an incredible set for us in March earlier this year. They’re the closest thing we have to a sister night and we can’t wait to have them back at the club!

To get in on the £4 cheaplist check out the membership section on our website. We want to make this night huge so please invite your friends to the Facebook event. Doors open at 9pm to 2:30am.

As a taster for the night you can listen to Unpop’s playlist from the last time they DJed for us on Spotify for absolutely nothing. Lots of music on there including Felt, Talking Heads, Herman Dune, The Modern Lovers and Pavement.


Tigercats are our guest DJs on Saturday 25th August at King’s Cross Social Club. We’ve asked them to put together this months podcast with the sounds that influenced their brilliant debut album Isle of Dogs. The LP is one of our favourite releases of the year, get it now from our friends at Fika Recordings.


Our next club night is on Saturday 25th August and we have the incredible Tigercats DJing for us at King’s Cross Social Club!

We were totally blown away by them at this year’s Indietracks where they were our standout band by quite some distance. For anyone lucky enough to see them recently, they really are on top form and their debut LP Isle of Dogs will definitely be featuring highly in our end of year lists.

It would be great if you invited your friends to the night on the Facebook event to help get the word out. Doors open at 9am through to 2am with Duncan Barrett and Giles Barrett from the band on the decks at 10:30pm.