Our next club night is on Saturday 24th November at The Lion in King’s Cross. It’s always fun being back at our proper home so come out dancing!

Nottingham’s Red Shoe Diaries will be making their Scared To Dance DJing debuts. We had the pleasure of putting this band at The Lexington last year on the back of their two stunning EPs. We can wait to hear their in-the-works debut album and to have Tom Grayson and Rob Mackinder guest DJ for us at this night.

Expect lots of indiepop, post-punk, new wave and sixties! If you have any requests then please post them on the Facebook event.

We’ll be projecting the classic Saturday Night and Sunday Morning at this night and the guys will be on at around 10:30pm.

You can check out our Spotify playlists as a taster featuring guest sets from Simon Armitage, Pat Nevin, Gideon Coe, Josie Long and many more!


Darren Hayman has put together our November podcast.

You can listen to his female fronted selection over on Mixcloud. Here’s a track-by-track guide from Darren.

Richard and Linda Thompson – “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight”

“I’ve tried to write this song many times; the girl who just wants to go out and party. This is the second best version of this tale in music. The best is ‘Dancing Queen’.”

ABBA – “Dancing Queen”

“‘You come in to look for a king/Anybody could be that guy’. Nobody talks about the sadness inside this song. Truly bleak stuff.”

Althea & Donna – “Uptown Top Ranking”

“I have just decided all of my song choices are going to be female.”

Caroll Thompson – “Yesterday”

“Lover’s rock. Dim the lights. Pull someone special close.”

Diana Jones – “Better Times Will Come”

“I love Diana Jones. There is nothing clever or knowing about this choice. She is in every sense just a normal female country singer. But I just love most of what she does. This is my favourite tune by her.”

Iris Dement – “Sweet Is the Melody”

“Likewise Iris Dement. I actually consider my singing on early Hefner records to be influenced by Iris. That high register. The clear diction.”

Liz Phair – “Fuck and Run”

“Never understood why Liz Phair didn’t get the attention that Polly Harvey got. And never understood that attention in the first place. Liz went to a strange poppy place after this record. A confusing career.”

Jeanette – “¿Por qué te vas?”

“Try and not dance to this. Go on. Just try.”

Girls Aloud – “Biology”

“Still my favourite pop tune of the past ten years at least.”