Scared To Dance presents Pete Astor on Saturday 10th July at The Victoria.

Support comes from Gillie and you can get your free tickets at DICE.

Pete Astor was singer songwriter in early Creation Records trailblazers The Loft and The Weather Prophets, releasing records that helped define the sound of the label and the emerging indie genre. He has gone on to a solo career, writing, recording and releasing records on a range of labels including Matador, Heavenly, Warp and Fortuna POP!

Cherry Red records have just released a definitive collection by The Loft, Ghost Trains & Country Lanes. He recently released You Made Me, his new record of covers, marking a life in music, singing the songs of Cat Power, Billy Idol, Richard Thompson and Elvis Presley, to name a few. He is joined onstage by multi-instrumentalist Ian Button (Wreckless Eric, Death in Vegas, Papernut Cambridge) to perform songs from the present, the past and, most importantly, the future.

Raised within the Welsh heartlands of Carmarthenshire, music has always been second nature to Gillie Ione Rowland aka Gillie. Deeply influenced by place and now living within the burgeoning metropolis of London, Gillie blends the serenity of the Welsh countryside with the industrial undergrowth of city life, to create something hauntingly serene. Distinct in its simplicity yet vivid in atmosphere, the ease at which she entwines both her silken vocal style with a storytelling charm both striking yet subtle, has seen her draw comparisons to both Elena Torna (Daughter, Ex:Re) and Tamsin Wilson (Wilsen).