flirting. headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits monthly gig night on Friday 14th January.

Support comes from SUEP at The Victoria and you can get your free tickets at DICE.

Self-styled anxiety-pop quintet flirting. formed in East London back in 2016. They initially bonded over an eclectic array of music, noise and Vine videos, but ended up as what they describe as, “a group therapy project, set to a Sofia Coppola soundtrack”.

Back in 2018, the band released their debut 5-track EP, This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening to Anyone But Me, a fascinating collage of musical ideas; flittering from Life Without Buildings-like post-punk, to spoken word musings and angst-driven noise. Unnerving, beautiful, brutal, bruising and utterly unique, flirting. defy convention, refuse your pigeon-holes and make one of the most exciting emotive rackets you’ll ever come across.

With a debut single “Domesticated Dream” described by BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley as “perfect pop”, London’s SUEP are a band making an instant impact. Featuring members of Porridge Radio, Garden Centre and Joanna Gruesome, SUEP were, in their own words, “borne out of a near-decade of wearing silly clothes and deconstructing pop together”. Teaming up with the Memorials of Distinction for the release of their new single “Misery”, SUEP are a band you won’t want to miss.