“One of the city’s most loved indie nights” – Time Out

“New monthly club for indie wallflowers, featuring tonight a special guest DJ set from renowned Yorkshire poet Simon Armitage” – The Guardian

“You don’t usually expect to glance at the decks in a Dalston night club to see a legendary 1980s former Scottish international footballer [Pat Nevin] dropping rewinds on indie classics” – Vice

“Ex-footballer Gaizka Mendieta has been confirmed to play a DJ event at London’s Shacklewell Arms next week. Mendieta will guest at the Scared To Dance event” – NME

“Scared To Dance [have] benefited from an eclectic roster featuring all manner of characters ranging from Gideon Coe and Robin Ince to Veronica Falls and Pete Paphides” – DIY Magazine

“Celebrated long-running London indiepop club night” – The Line of Best Fit

“After talking football on Kicking Off, his Radio Five Live Premier League preview show with Colin Murray and Perry Groves, [Pat] Nevin and his CD collection will head to the King’s Cross Social Club, where he’s DJing at indie night Scared To Dance” – Daily Mirror

“Definitely one for all of London’s mis-shapes, mistakes and misfits. This excellent club night – which has previously coaxed unusual names such as Josie Long and Simon Armitage into their DJ booth – features resident and founder Paul Richards, plus guests, spinning loved tunes from the likes of The Clash, Belle and Sebastian, New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, Herman Dune, Slow Club and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart” – Time Out

“Radio and TV presenter Colin Murray guest DJs at club night, Scared To Dance, which has now moved to Saturday nights. Expect to hear indiepop, post-punk, new wave and sixties music” – Hackney Today

“Guest DJ, Slow Club’s Charles Watson, will be on the decks from 11pm, so expect a hot mix of indiepop, post-punk & new wave” – East London Hype

“Poet, playwright and novelist Simon Armitage spins indie, 1960s pop, new wave and lo-fi alongside the residents” – Evening Standard

“Titles such as Scared To Dance… have found eager fans. ‘Fanzines are a snapshot of what’s happening right now; the bands capturing people’s imaginations’ says Richards. ‘There’s something about hearing of new music by word-of-mouth that fanzine culture taps into'” – Elle

“Gaizka Mendieta is the guest DJ at The Shacklewell Arms. Expect to hear the likes of The Velvet Underground, Belle and Sebastian, Pulp, The Breeders, Comet Gain, The National and more” – Football Weekly

“Scared To Dance is easily London’s best indie club” – Kilr

“The event has a history of bringing former footballers in for DJ nights. Last year, former footballer Pat Nevin – who played for Chelsea and Everton – also spun the decks at the club night” – NME

“Jarvis Cocker’s Sheffield indie troupe are celebrated at the Scared To Dance Pulp Special. Do your best awkward-music-nerd dance to the hits and rarer songs, alongside post-punk and new wave gems” – Time Out

“Playing the best indiepop, post-punk, new wave and sixties music, we’re sure that you’ll tap your foot to the beat. Having previously drawn Josie Long and Simon Armitage to man the decks and always featuring resident and founder Paul Richards as a provider of the beats, this party in Hackney is sure to make your weekend one to remember” – Secret London

“Historically every scene needs its club, be that Trash for noughties electro or Blitz for the New Romantics, Scared To Dance is the club for indiepop” – Londonist

“Accidentally super-cool geeky journalist Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare at Goats) is guest DJ, spinning indie, new-wave and vintage pop tunes. Recent Frank Sidebottom biopic Frank – co-written by JR – will be projected around the venue” – Time Out

“Come and dance the night away with nothing but Swedish music throughout the night” – EastLondonLines

“Your go-to destination if you’re tired of the seemingly endless mainstream clubs dotted around London” – View London

“Mendieta will make a return to England later this month when he appears as a guest DJ at The Shacklewell Arms. The 45-year-old will be playing a mix of indiepop, post-punk, new wave and sixties music at the popular music venue” – SPORTbible

“The excellent indie club night steps up for a New Year special. As always, the soundtrack will be a beguiling mix of indiepop, post-punk, new wave and ’60s gems, from the like of Herman Dune, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Camera Obscura, Ramones and Talking Heads. Head of ace label Fortuna POP! Sean Price is the guest DJ. This one always sell out, so get tickets quick” – Time Out

“Music journalist Pete Paphides guest DJs a strictly vinyl-only evening of the best indiepop, new wave and lo-fi for those who want to dance the night away” – Hackney Post

“Here’s hoping that niche club nights survive” – The Guardian

“Comedian Josie Long, a regular guest on TV panel shows, will DJ at the Moustache Bar to celebrate in her own feminist way. Expect the likes of Beirut and Summer Camp” – East London Lines

“Stereolab vocalist Lætitia Sadier is this week’s guest DJ” – Time Out

“The coyly named Scared To Dance is back at The Victoria in Dalston and tonight there’s a special focus on The Cure. Looking continually glum not necessary, but recommended” – Londonist

“The club night is holding its annual Swedish Special and they will be playing music from Swedish bands, alongside the usual mix of indiepop, punk and 60s music” – Hackney Today

“Scared To Dance events are the best if you like to dance the night away in a mixture of indiepop, new wave and sixties tunes” – BrokeInLondon

“Niall McCamley and Anna Cory from punk-pop indie upstarts The Spook School stop by Scared To Dance to play a special anti-Valentine’s DJ set, alongside the usual mix of post-punk, new wave and ’60s gems. Classic ’80s flick The Breakfast Club will also be projected onto the dancefloor” – Time Out

“Watch and listen poet and novelist Simon Armitage get on the decks” – Hackney Gazette

“The club night is London’s home to all things indie” – Neon Filler

“With his commentary work carrying him all over the UK and beyond, [Pat] Nevin’s vinyl obsession continues, and he’s a regular guest DJ at cool London club night Scared To Dance” – Long Live Vinyl

“On the cusp of its fifth birthday, indie and pop club night Scared To Dance is hosting a Swedish music special” – Time Out

“We end with a celebration of all things Swedish, with a special night at the Scared To Dance club night in East London, on 31 May at the Moustache Bar in Dalston. The list of famous Swedish artists is longer than you might think and the night will include some genuinely excellent music from The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Wannadies, The Hives and First Aid Kit, among many others. We recommend you fully expect to hear that Peter Bjorn and John song with the whistling off all the adverts, perhaps a touch of ABBA, and if you’re lucky, a bit of this lot [The Cardigans]” – Londonist

“Scared To Dance is one of the best of all London’s many clubs” – Pennyblackmusic

“Why would you go out anywhere else?” – It’s All Happening

“It’s a Manic Street Preachers special at the indie and post-punk club. To mark its twentieth anniversary, The Holy Bible will be played in full” – Time Out

“Seminal London club – Scared To Dance – are having a Scottish Special on Saturday 13th September where they’ll be playing the best Scottish indie music on the planet” – Kiltr

“This popular club night is back playing the best indie in town” – Hackney Today

“DJs will bring you the best classics for a non-stop dancing night” – Design My Night

“Resident selector Paul Richards jaunts through indiepop, post-punk and new wave, with special guests. Tonight it’s the DJs from On The Beach, a night that ran until 2010 playing a mix of US indie, post-punk, electronica, grime, hardcore and pop. Expect plenty of all that lot tonight, then” – Time Out

“London towns monthly post-pop Scared To Dance club night come up the M1 to show how the other captial how it’s done” – TVBomb

“The club began in 2009 making a seamless link between indiepop and its roots in the post-punk bands on the Postcard label. DIY labels, girls with guitars, noise pop, sweeping strings, C86, perfect three minute pop songs and John Peel” – Underskog

“The regular club night has an anti-Valentine’s Day theme set alongside their regular mix of indiepop, punk and sixties music. There will also be free Scared To Dance mix CDs given out on the night, plus cult 80s movie The Breakfast Club on projection. Guest DJs are The Spook School” – Hackney Today

“There’s no way you’ll be too frightened to dance at this indiepop and post-punk party where you’ll hear jangly anthems old and new spun by guest DJs from club night STOP, PLAY” – Time Out

“Gig of the Day: Scared To Dance present Flowers, Night Flowers, Being There and Chorusgirl at the Dalston Victoria” – Londonears

“It was a great set, one of the best performances I have ever seen as the Lexington and I’ve seen a fair few. With a new album looming from The Wave Pictures I’m excited to see what they are going to do next. Though in light of everything they have produced so far its almost guaranteed to exceed our expectations” – Artrocker

“We’re treated to an exhibition of what it is to be incurably lovelorn, homespun and completely governed by an instrument by Darren Hayman” – The Fly

“Fans of Mouldy Peaches will dig Edinburgh’s Dan Willson and his lovely, lo-fi alt folk” – Time Out

“It’s a rarity when you approach a bill without a sense of trepidation at any of the bands, however, Scared To Dance’s gig last week was an exception to that rule. The line up was an impressive selection of bands, complimentary to one another’s sounds without being overtly similar” – For The Rabbits

“Critics’ Choice: Over the last few years, former Hefner man and prolific solo artist [Darren] Hayman has written songs about everything from London’s lidos to the Essex witch trials of the seventeenth century” – Time Out

“Other new songs were aired and all sounded great. Older songs such as “Habit Creep” with its killer bass line, “Ghosts Before Breakfast” and the mighty “Rabbit Kids” hit their marks admirably… The number of eagerly awaited new albums for 2012 is growing longer and the new Shrag one is definitely high up on that list” – Buzzin Music

“The collection of bands on the bill was really well put together. It was a brilliant evening, and when I spoke to the organizer from Scared To Dance he explained that it’s very rare that they actually put bands on – so well worth noting when they do” – Artrocker

“If you’re after a scarily accurate replica of the classic ’90s shoegazing sound, Night Flowers are your four lads and a lady – even though none of them look old enough to have heard Lush and Catherine Wheel the first time around. It may be retro, but it’s got plenty of heart and a real kick to it” – Time Out

““We admit it we were wrong! A couple of years back we listened to Withered Hand and we harshly cast him aside as an also-ran, middle of the road singer songwriter… but last Friday something clicked. It became clear that we were wrong, and the people who took his latest album New Gods into the UK Top 100 were right, the people who sold out the Shacklewell Arms were right. Withered Hand, we are sorry!” – For The Rabbits

“It was an excellent performance. Deerful synth based pop is delicate, subtle and crafted with care. But just because it’s synth pop doesn’t mean it’s disposable, on the contrary her music is full of meaning and her lyrics are well worth several listens” – Palm Sounds

The Ten Best Pop-Ups and Festivals This Week: Scared To Dance Film Night. Josie Long introduces this doc about rock band The National” – Time Out

“The terminally hip east London club night’s new film club is shaping up terrically. For just their second outing, they’ve hauled in comedian and science nerd Robin Ince to present one of his favourite movies. The Monkees’ madcap silver-screen outing Head. Made when Monkee mania had all but died, it proved too experimental for the diminishing teenybop audience that had lapped up the ingenious TV series. Director Bob Rafelson and co-writer Jack Nicholson (yes, that one) increased the tempo while also adding more adult, sardonic touches. The zany honour is intercut with political footage and satire on established genres of American cinema, exploding many sacred cow into the bargain” – Time Out