Darren Hayman guest DJs at the club this month and he’s compiled our latest podcast.

The mix features tracks from Althea & Donna, Caroll Thompson, Diana Jones, Iris Dement, Liz Phair and more. Here’s a track-by-track guide from Darren.

Richard and Linda Thompson – I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

“I’ve tried to write this song many times; the girl who just wants to go out and party. This is the second best version of this tale in music. The best is Dancing Queen”

ABBA – Dancing Queen

“‘You come in to look for a king/Anybody could be that guy’. Nobody talks about the sadness inside this song. Truly bleak stuff”

Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking

“I have just decided all of my song choices are going to be female”

Caroll Thompson – Yesterday

“Lover’s rock. Dim the lights. Pull someone special close”

Diana Jones – Better Times Will Come

“I love Diana Jones. There is nothing clever or knowing about this choice. She is in every sense just a normal female country singer. But I just love most of what she does. This is my favourite tune by her”

Iris Dement – Sweet Is the Melody

“Likewise Iris Dement. I actually consider my singing on early Hefner records to be influenced by Iris. That high register. The clear diction”

Liz Phair – Fuck and Run

“Never understood why Liz Phair didn’t get the attention that Polly Harvey got. And never understood that attention in the first place. Liz went to a strange poppy place after this record. A confusing career”

Jeanette – ¿Por qué te vas?

“Try and not dance to this. Go on. Just try”

Girls Aloud – Biology

“Still my favourite pop tune of the past ten years at least”

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