We promote gigs across London with the best new and established artists at venues such as Moth Club, Oslo Hackney, The Lexington, The Shacklewell Arms, Sebright Arms, St Matthias Church, St Pancras Old Church, Bermondsey Social Club and The Ivy House. We also have a monthly residency at The Victoria with a focus on new bands.

Artists that have played at our shows include bdrmm, Allo Darlin’, Rozi Plain, The Wave Pictures, Whitelands, Peaness, Ex-Vöid, Laetitia Sadier, Sweet Baboo, The Tubs, Adwaith, The Surfing Magazines, Darren Hayman, The Spook School, Withered Hand, GHUM, Es, Stanley Brinks, CIEL, Tigercats, Ailsa Tully, Standard Fare, Shrag, Pete Astor, Flowers, Night Flowers, Chorusgirl, Evans the Death, Barbican Estate, Savage Mansion, Umarells, Red Ribbon, Ynys, The Just Joans, Hanya, Blackaby, Hatcham Social, Minimal Schlager, Dignan Porch, Rosehip Teahouse, Freschard, adults, Gillie, Papernut Cambridge, Melotone, Cerys Hafana, Ralegh Long, The Leaf Library, Annie Taylor, Young Romance, Eleanor K, Melby, Sea Pinks, Fever Dream, Buggs, Witching Waves, Molly Linen, SUDS, Mammoth Penguins, Soot Sprite, Hadda Be, Jessica’s Brother, Rotifer, SUEP, Daisy and the Deadheads, TV People, Yumi and the Weather, Lola Wild, GN, lilo, Being There, LUST, Flora Hibberd, Hatty Taylor, Winnaretta, The Great Electric, crush, Firestations, Spirits of Saturn, Lyys, Red Red Eyes, Jack Hayter, Atmos Bloom, nudista, Model Village, David Lance Callahan, Big Dipper, Pocketbooks, Deerful, Jeremy Tuplin, Yukka, Emma Kupa, Enter Laughing, Cosines, Bloody Death, Alan Tyler, Thallo, Just Handshakes, Ben Maier, Red Shoe Diaries, Dog Race, Cowboy Flying Saucer, David Tattersall, L I P S, Paolo Ruiu, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something, NXKXTA, Weekend Punks, Two Tribes, Suggested Friends, Average Sex, Wolf Girl, flirting., Panic Pocket, Naomi in Blue, Scarlett Woolfe, Siblings, Maria Rosenberg, Restless Taxis, Mikey Collins, Violet Woods, Dunebug, Marine, Foundlings, Schande, Hattie Cooke, The Catenary Wires, The Understudies, Ski Saigon, Nice Church, PleasureInc., Kitty Perrin, Sprinters, Beneather, Enderby’s Room, McCookerybook & Rotifer, First Day of Spring, Birdie, Alex Chilltown, The Hayman Kupa Band, Seabirds, Clingfilm, Michael J. Sheehy, Jean K, Secret Power, Life Model, FFRANK, Adult Nephew, Worst Place, th’sheridans, Gold Baby, Moderate Rebels, Hot Puds, Tugboat Captain, Benedict Benjamin, Sweetheart, Fan Fiction, Cat Apostrophe, The Other Ones, Fell, Protection Spells, Wonderbug, Bastien and Eli Vor.


Saturday 4th May // Dancer + The Last Whole Earth Catalog // Free

Saturday 1st June // Moving Mirrors // Free