We have something very special to give away at the club on Friday night. Pete Paphides has come up with this rather brilliant idea:

“I wandered into Audio Gold today with half an idea about this Friday’s Scared To Dance. For a while now, I’ve been meaning to get a cassette deck to hook up to my hi-fi, as I like cassettes and I still have a cassette player in the car.

I was also thinking that it would be cool if I made a few C90 mixtapes in real time from my own records – each tape different to the others – hand-decorated them and hid them in different places for people to find at this Friday’s club night.

I didn’t fancy my chances of sorting all this out today, but when I got talking to one of the assistants there, I explained my idea to him and it caught his imagination. He remembered that they had a machine out in the back that was a bit too beaten up to sell, but worked perfectly fine. I took it home with the relevant cables, and still didn’t fancy my chances of being able to hook it up correctly, but as it happened, everything did work fine, and I’ve already started recording the first one.”

So if you’re coming to the club you can get a limited edition, hand-decorated C90 mixtape from Pete Paphides! Simply ask for it at the DJ booth and it’s yours.