Flowers guest DJ at the club this month and they’ve put together our latest podcast.

It’s a wonderful selection featuring Boyracer, Another Sunny Day, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Velvet Underground, The Shangri-Las, Ramones, The Sonics, Television Personalities, The Stooges, Galaxie 500 and many more. Here’s what Rachel Kenedy from the band had to say about the mix –

“Sam and I chose these songs because they’re all songs we love, that make us laugh, cry, and dance, respectively, or sometimes all at once. We love the old indiepop greats, of course, so a selection of these songs are included in our choice for the podcast, but we also love punk songs, more electronic music, 60s stuff, all sorts (we love I Wanna Be Your Dog too). We didn’t include much new music, looking back at the list, but then on the whole we don’t listen to much new music! Wish we had a longer podcast to put more songs into, but then again we have our DJ set next week, so we’ll do it then”

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