SUEP headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits monthly gig night on Friday 14th January.

Support comes from Paolo Ruiu at The Victoria and you can get your free tickets at DICE.

With a debut single “Domesticated Dream” described by BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley as “perfect pop”, London’s SUEP are a band making an instant impact. Featuring members of Porridge Radio, Garden Centre and Joanna Gruesome, SUEP were, in their own words, “borne out of a near-decade of wearing silly clothes and deconstructing pop together”. Teaming up with the Memorials of Distinction for the release of their new single “Misery”, SUEP are a band you won’t want to miss.

A second-generation Sardinian-Brit raised in the London suburbs, Paolo Ruiu first came to the world’s attention as one half of the critically lauded duo Young Romance. With the band’s touring plans curtailed, Paolo took the time to explore his musical desires as a solo artist, sharing several singles throughout 2021. Those tracks are now set to be drawn together as his debut EP, Low, due out later this month. Written and recorded in Ruiu’s home studio on a desk used by Pink Floyd and a Tascam 424 cassette recorder, Low is a celebration of analogue recording, featuring elements of 70’s psychedelia, lo-fi indie and vocals smothered with delightful waves of echo.