Ynys headlines the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits monthly showcase gig night on Saturday 14th January.

Support comes from Gillie at The Victoria and you can get your free tickets on DICE.

Ynys is the solo project of Welsh songwriter Dylan Hughes, previously known for his work in the acclaimed psychedelic pop band Race Horses. After releasing a series of sparkling singles, the debut Ynys album is out now on Libertino Records. Although many of the songs had existed as notes on his mobile phone since the Race Horses day, it was only with the time and space of the last few years that Dylan was able to tap into these ideas and as he puts it, “to look at why the existed”.

Many of the songs were musings on the push-and-pull Dylan felt between the seaside stillness of his hometown of Aberystwyth and the thriving bustle of Cardiff. Musically the record explores everything from Italo disco synthesisers from the early 80s through to Ethiopian Jazz and Elliot Smith. A record of optimism, reconnection and re-discovering yourself, this is Dylan’s postcard from Aberystwyth, an invite to the world to see it through his eyes, hear the waves crashing and feel the wind in your hair, and it’s every bit as exciting as that sounds.

Gillie is a Carmarthenshire-born songwriter, guitarist and producer. Having recently returned to Wales having spent her late teens and early twenties in London, Gillie recently celebrated with her first ever Welsh language single, “i ti”. The song showcases the influence of place on Gillie‚Äôs writing fusing the serenity of the Welsh countryside with the industrial undergrowth of city life, as she tackles burn-out and the desire to escape the urban grind. With more new material on the way, Gillies is reaping the rewards of her return to Wales, and back in London for one night only.