Spirits of Saturn headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits monthly showcase gig night on Saturday 6th May.

Support comes from PleasureInc. at The Victoria and you can get your free tickets on DICE.

A London-based band of four cosmic explorers hailing from every corner of the galaxy”, Spirits of Saturn crash-landed onto the stage of a packed Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney last March. They will soon launch their space disco sound into the world at large via their upcoming single “Feelings Agency” due later this month.

The project was ignited by Superorganism’s Soul and features Float’s Edmund Short on vocal with disco grooves courtesy of keys and bass from Scott Docherty and the metronomic drumming of Elian Lion. Attempting to create a glittery flame of hope amidst our present-day discontent”, the band create synth-drenched disco-tinged tunes, with the contrast of Edmund’s baritone and Soul’s tenor offering euphoric melodies and darker lyrical content over a hypnotic, krautrock beat.

Hailing from Norwich, Pleasureinc. are the brotherly duo of Louis and Jesse Baker, aka Johnny Silver and Kenny Pleasures. The band first appeared back in 2021 with their debut single, “Money Talks”. The near genre-less duo combine elements of rap, punk and glam rock into a technicolour explosion of alternative pop that one plaudit dubbed, “sex disco”. The band are currently gearing up to release a new EP, which they’ve showcased via the hip-hop inspired “For the Fun of It” and their most recent offering “Joanie Loves Chaci”.