Paolo Ruiu headline’s the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits monthly showcase gig night on Saturday 7th October.

Support comes from Maria Rosenberg at The Victoria and you can get your free tickets on DICE.

A second-generation Sardinian-Brit raised in the London suburbs, Paolo Ruiu first came to the world’s attention as one half of the critically lauded duo Young Romance. With the band’s touring plans curtailed, Paolo took the time to explore his musical desires as a solo artist, sharing several singles throughout 2021. Those tracks were drawn together as his debut EP Low, which was written and recorded in Ruiu’s home studio on a mixing desk used by Pink Floyd and a Tascam 424 cassette recorder. Most recently he shared “Never An Easy Way Out”, a track that added both an urgency and a Beatlesian-melodic flair to his trademark take on echo drenched psychedelia. A fascinating hint that suggests as exciting as he already was, Paolo Ruiu is an artist just getting started.

Based out of London, Maria Rosenberg is a singer-songwriter and self-described poetic punk diva. With global and era-spanning influences taking in everything from blues to trip-hop, Maria has been sharing her music since emerging back in 2020 with her debut single, Drink Me Eat Me. With a new EP, Say My Name, produced with English Grammy award-winner Stuart Matthewman, in the pipeline expect to hear dreamy smokiness and poetic fantasy that exists at the meeting point of sadness and attitude.