Savage Mansion headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Saturday 11th May at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Schande.

Savage Mansion is the current project of Glasgow-based purveyor of scuzzy slacker rock, Craig Angus. Originally working under the Poor Things moniker, Craig became a well established figure on the Glasgow DIY-scene, carrying much of the excitement and energy from that world into his own musical output. After crashing into our musical consciousness with debut EP, Document, back in 2018, Savage Mansion’s place at the forefront of British guitar-music was cemented with the sparkling debut album, Revision Ballads, released back in February on Lost Map.

Revision Ballads is an album unafraid to wear it’s influences proudly for the world to see; The Velvet Underground’s no-fi swagger, Pavement’s easy, sing-speak vocals, R.E.M.’s shimmering guitar tones. Lyrically the tracks are literate and often quietly comical, flittering from Elwood’s personal musings on childhood tormentors to the more politically charged Dog O’Tears, Craig’s rambling response to the rise of xenophobia on our streets. Breathing new life into their timeless influences, Savage Mansion might just be your new favourite band.

Schande started back in 2002 as the solo project of principle songwriter, Jen Schande, before quickly expanding into a full band courtesy of a steady stream of mostly three-lettered named band members (current bandmates Gio and Cat are prime examples). Their latest offering of driving-melodic indie rock came recently in the shape of a brand new EP, Pedigree, released via Everything Sucks Music.

Pedigree was penned during a period where Jen was struggling with her mental health issues, a theme explored across the record. Clearly You Do muses on the isolation affect of anxiety, Fancy Trolley reflects on the exhaustion that comes from panic attacks, while Community Theatre is a celebration of seeking help. While Pedigree, comes from a place of darkness, it is not a record that wants to glorify that, instead it is laced with a hidden positivity, the feeling that we all deserve to be hopeful that things can get better. With that positive, determined attitude to overcome challenges and struggles, what’s next for Schande? “What isn’t?”


Average Sex headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Saturday 6th April at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Secret Power.

Over the last few years London-based quintet Average Sex have emerged as one of the fastest rising bands on the UK indie-scene. They make youthful, exhilarating power-pop gems, telling instantly relatable stories of finding love, falling out of love and living your best life.

The band have so far shared a pair of well received EP’s on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Recordings. Their debut Ice Cream EP drew comparisons to the likes of Alvvays and The Shop Assistants and last year’s Melodie EP saw the band tour Europe with The Charlatans.

Formed in 2017 Secret Power have since expanded to a three piece band and honed their live show playing sets around Brighton and London. This year looks like it’s going to be a break-out one for the band, with a slot supporting Big Joanie on their upcoming UK tour, as well as the release of their debut EP on For the Sake of Tapes.

The EP is a showcase of the variety of influences that collide to create Secret Power’s sound; from angular post-punk to girl group harmonies and a love for all things reverby.


Protection Spells headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Friday 1st March at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Whitelands.

London-trio Protection Spells may only just be getting started but they’re already leaving quite the impression. Their 2017 EP, Daughter of Gold, was an intriguing introduction, while their latest single, Bleed Through Sheet, came good on all that promise. Their take on what they describe as, “witchy dreampop”, has already seen the band support the likes of Jane Weaver and Jess Williamson.

Discussing Bleed Through Sheet, chief songwriter Gwen Austin has suggested it’s one of many songs written about the nativity, in her own words, the track, “imagines the relationship between Mary and the Holy Ghost as heard by Mary’s mother Anne through her bedroom wall”. Musically, the track is an intriguing fusing of sounds, Gwen’s folk-tinged vocals are given a more modern spin through the intricate shoegazey haze created by her bandmates. There’s something both eerie and intriguing about Protection Spells music, expect a lot more people to fall for their incantations in the coming months.

Whitelands is the musical project of Etienne; beginning as something to do at lunchtime in sixth form, before quickly becoming a lot more serious with 2018 seeing the release of both an EP, Old News, and a self-titled debut album. Etienne’s blend of shoegaze and indiepop caught the ears of many, receiving radio play on both sides of the Atlantic as well as a well received set at Indietracks. Closing off a monumental year for Whitelands, Etienne released a brand new single Fluoxetine, a reflection on a personal battle with depression and the wider issue of our societies failure to talk about mental health. The track marked a thrilling new direction from a prolific and intriguing new voice on the DIY-scene.


Gold Baby headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Friday 1st February at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Cat Apostrophe.

Formed back in the early months of 2018, Gold Baby are a collection of old friends who met while playing in various bands and solo guises on the North London DIY scene. Through a string of well received shows, and a handful of impressive singles, they have already caught the ear of burgeoning audience. The band have recently been in the studio working on further material to be shared with the world in the early months of this year.

Gold Baby’s sound is one that fuses slacker-rock and dance floor ready indie; jangling guitar lines and tight rhythms create a base atop which vocalist Siân Alex’s lush vocals can shimmer and shine. Recent single Maggots showcased their lyrical sincerity, recalling the likes of Hop Along or Courtney Barnett as Siân detailed the feeling of never quite living up to your own expectations. With their perfect recollections of the insecurities and instabilities of finding your place in the world, Gold Baby seem to be a band ready to grasp whatever opportunities come their way.

Cat Apostrophe are a four-piece bands from Leeds who deal in radically soft pop. The band have been making music for over a decade now, releasing a series of well received EPs as well as playing shows with DIY favourites including The Spook School, Wolf Girl and Dream Wife. With new material on the horizon expect to hear more slow, sad songs about awkward sex, surviving and finding glimmers of hope in the hardest of places.


Life Model headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Saturday 12th January at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from The Tubs.

Formed back in 2012, Glasgow’s Life Model are in some ways a testament to the art of taking your time. The quartet’s take on dream pop has seen them gradually accrue a sizeable audience with ever more impressive releases. Their 2017 EP, Lucky, released via Durham’s Frux Tapes label, was a fantastic and fascinating collection, while Real Estate, their offering on a recent split single with fellow-Glaswegian’s Home Economics, was to our ears, their finest track to date.

Making textural soundscapes that hark back to the glory days of shoegaze, Life Model revel in a world of reverberating guitars, crashing drum hits and glorious rumbles of bass. In the centre of all the chaotic noise, Sophie Evans’ vocal adds a crystalline shimmer, that is deserving of the frequent comparisons it receives with The Sundays’ Harriet Wheeler and the Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser.

The Tubs are members of Joanna Gruesome, The Snivellers, Garden Centre and Flowers who try to find the Antipodean Sound. They aim for The Clean, Dick Diver and The Stroppies, misfire and land in strange territory. Here they find The Cleaners from Venus wandering around, and offer them a Tubsmans Salute.


Peaness headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Friday 30th November at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Flirting.

Formed in Chester back in 2014, Peaness are Jess, Balla and Rach, an indiepop trio with tunes as much fun as hearing radio presenters audibly blush when saying their name on the airwaves. The band won plenty of fans with their early self-released material, which saw them team up with Odd Box Records for a sold-out single in 2017, before settling at their current home of Alcopop! Records and releasing their debut EP, Are You Sure?

Since that harmony-drenched blast of musical brilliance, the band have combined work on their debut album, with a relentless string of live dates, supporting the likes of We Are Scientists, The Cribs and The Spook School. With new material on the way soon, the unstoppable rise of Pea-Pop looks sure to continue unabated, catch them at a reasonably sized venue while you still can.

Self-styled anxiety-pop quintet flirting. formed in East London back in 2016. They initially bonded over an eclectic array of music, noise and Vine videos, but ended up as what they describe as, “a group therapy project, set to a Sofia Coppola soundtrack”.

The band recently released their debut 5-track EP, This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening to Anyone But Me, a fascinating collage of musical ideas; flittering from Life Without Buildings-like post-punk, to spoken word musings and angst-driven noise. Unnerving, beautiful, brutal, bruising and utterly unique, flirting. defy convention, refuse your pigeon-holes and make one of the most exciting emotive rackets you’ll ever come across.


Witching Waves headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Friday 2nd November at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Clingfilm.

Since their formation back in 2013 noise pop act Witching Waves have established themselves as one of the most intriguing acts on the UK’s vibrant DIY scene. Originally a duo, featuring guitarist Mark Jasper and drummer Emma Wigham, the band are now joined by bassist, Estella Adeyeri, known for her work with Big Joanie, Junk and Charmpit. The debut Witching Waves album, Fear of Falling Down, was released on the legendary Soft Power Recordings back in 2014, and was a rapid success, long sold-out before it’s 2017 re-release on Odd Box Records. They returned in 2016 with the superb Crystal Cafe, drawing comparison with everyone from Sonic Youth to The Cure.

The band have recently left London behind, swapping Hackney for the Yorkshire hills, so while we all wait for album number three, why not come celebrate the return of one of the most thrilling and energetic live bands this country has to offer.

Support for the evening comes from Clingfilm, the new project from Dan Moss, previously of the Fortuna POP! signed act, Evans the Death. The debut Clingfilm EP was shared in April this year; three tracks that showcased a discordant electronic sound, reminiscent of acts like Liars or Public Imagine Ltd. A follow up, Clingfilm II arrived just a month later in May, while a new single, Trying 2 Make It Work, featuring poet Elise Hadgraft, showcased another side to Clingfilm’s sound. Having already supported the likes of Wesley Gonzalez and Menstrual Cramps, Clingfilm are a live act not to be missed.


Foundlings headline the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Friday 5th October at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Adults.

Foundlings are a South East London/Brighton based band who play melodic, guitar-driven, indie-rock music. The influences of the band range from post-punk and 80’s and 90’s indie to modern alternative jams, such as Parquet Courts, Courtney Barnett, Haley Bonar and Alvvays.

The band self-released their debut single Misery in March this year receiving airplay from BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing in the South and Amazing Radio. In July, the band completed their first UK tour in support of their new single Horizon. Foundlings are just getting started and they sound all the better for it.

Indiepop quartet Adults came to the attention of many last year with MSN, their contribution to the Art Is Hard Singles Club. The band initially bonded over, “desperately trying to be adults and desperately trying to rip off other bands”, however they soon stumbled upon their own sound, as showcased on their recent debut cassette, The Weekend Was Almost Always Over.

Dealing in a similarly energetic and scratchy take on indie to bands like Los Campesinos! and Johnny Foreigner, Adults’ sound is built around wiry guitar-line, shout along girl-boy vocals and frenetic drum beats.


Mikey Collins headlines the Scared To Dance and For The Rabbits gig night on Friday 7th September at The Victoria.

Entry is free and support comes from Worst Place.

Mikey Collins found fame and cult acclaim as the drummer in indiepop behemoths Allo Darlin’. By the time the much loved band parted ways in 2016, Mikey was already hard at work in his Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate, working on the songs that would go on to become his debut album.

Recently released on Fika Recordings, Mikey’s record, Hoick, is largely inspired by his relocation from London to the Kent coast; ruminations on living by the sea and building a new community in a new town. Musically, it keeps the pop-tinged heart of his old band, and, through the addition of disco rhythms and RnB grooves, moves his sound into intriguing new directions. Live he’s backed by a crack team of musical heroes who bring his intricate musical ideas to life.

Fresh from opening up the main stage at this year’s Indietracks, Worst Place are an East London-based quartet whose music blends dreamy shoegaze and fuzzy indiepop. The band originally formed back in 2016 and after spending their formative days locked away in rehearsal rooms and recording studios, have emerged as one of the most exciting new bands on the London scene.

Their debut single, Dreamer, came out in 2017 as part of the Art is Hard postcard club, and much of 2018 has been spent plotting their debut EP, which should be due in the near future.